SAP IDES R/3 4.7 Installation Run Windows Xp

Abasicly, all variant SAP (4.6C, ECC,etc) only run on server version of Windows , but i think is only to catch up about stability, durability of server ( Production and QAS Server) and actually many consultants follow the rule of SAP ( hehehe .. it’s OK)..

Many times, SAP Machines installed on UNIX platform, Server Windows platform, yahh.. if all landscape implemented in corporate, it must be exist!!, but if you all want to install in as is your infrastructure ( PC or laptop) , absolutely you can do it!!! you can install it

but.. wait!! it’s not MiniSAP( SAP Netweaver 7.0), it’s real application server which run in many company installed and you move them to your PC/laptop ( .. in this case, we try to not obey rule of SAP –

one prerequisities before installing SAP especially on laptop/your PC at home, you have to provide at least 120 GB space in your hard disk ( if you want to install IDES), minimum on your laptop/PC at home installed 2 GB of RAM ( it’s cheap lah…. ) and if you only have license windows xp professional ( you lucky.. it’s OK – Never Mind Guys).

if your laptop/PC at home only has space hardisk less than 120 GB ( free ), you can but external harddisk instead of this.

Usually, when we installed SAP, we create/install SAP Instance, Database Instance, and Oracle itself , but probably problem came up when installed Database Instance( remember, don’t think same like install oracle DBMS, it’s different guys).

Database Instance cannot up, database instance crash,etc, but since i installed it, it’s smoothly, but sometimes i faced sapinst cannot created tablespaces..( erghhhh.. i spent my time overnight to solve this).

OK guys, finally my IDES has been installed on my laptop properly ( SAP license,… hehehe it’s problem again, where did i get this?!!!! )..

let’s remember again, sequential process when install in windows environment :

first –> install your Oracle 920 DBMS, but it’s different way with you install Oracle in standalone mode (Don’t forget to patch it )

secondly —> SAP Instance, it’s installed all application server to your laptop, this steps only less than 30 minutes ( so fast if your laptop is Good Performance)

last —> Database Instance, it’s creating tablespaces (datafiles ) on Oracle, it’s very critical ( if everything is OK, you can spent time about lerr or more than 6 hours . hehehe )

SAP MMC at Xp Profesional

SAP MMC at Xp Profesional

And…i think it’s easy to installed SAP on UNIX environment. hehehe.. because we don’t have to log off, and etc lah….

my left, here SAP MMC to control ( startup, shutdown, and monitoring SAP )

after you start your SAP, you can close this MMC session.

But, don’t forget, before you start your SAP with MMC, you have to start up your Database Instance/ Oracle first, if it haven’t done, you can start up your SAP.

Oracle Services

Oracle Services

you can start up your database instance,use this tools ( Windows tools), you just click on service name and start them.

Group User

Group User

don’t forget Windows User who can start up Oracle is member of ORA_<SID>_DBA and ORA_<SID>_OPER, SAP_<SID>_GlobalAdmin, SAP_<SID>_LocalAdmin and do not assign to ORA_DBA Group ( because this group cannot start up Oracle)

And you can log on to your SAP Application Server.



have a nice use SAP..

Hardware Specification :

windows version

windows version

Processor Intel Centrino Core Duo 1.73 GHz

Hard Disk 200 GB Free ( External Hard Disk, connected via USB Interface )

2.5 GB of RAM

Operarting System : Windows XP Professional

Nice to share information to you all.. Thank you


41 Responses to “SAP IDES R/3 4.7 Installation Run Windows Xp”

  1. wuiiihhh.. berat..
    sekian lama ga update, sekali nya update postingannya beraaaaatt..

  2. hahaha.. berat gimana ..

  3. i want Installation SAP R/3 in the XP platform

  4. i want Installation SAP R/3 step’s in the XP platform

  5. please send INSTALLATION SAP R/3
    SAP 5.0 IDES
    SAP 6.0 ECC
    please send me

  6. problem in installing the SAP R/3 4.7 at the database instance



  8. hi Gopal , when you try to setup database instance, don’t forget log in OS use your SAP Administrator user (adm ), and it’s works and solved

  9. sorry to all, i forgot to documented installation steps, cause i try install this only for my laptop.. so i am so sorry can’t give you what you want

  10. Could you send INSTALLATION SAP R/3
    SAP 5.0 IDES Or url
    SAP 6.0 ECC
    please send me

  11. Hi there, I am a student for Poland and I’m interested in getting some knowledge about SAP. I don’t know how I can learn it or even try it… I’d like to have on my computer at home(is it possible?). Could you please let me know how to start learning SAP and how to get it installed on my PC? Best regards!

  12. HI, friends

    i have sap software 3 DVD’s its, but i wanted to know how to instal sap
    i try a lot but am not able to get setoff file

    can to pls help me how to instal this

  13. HI, friends

    i have sap software 3 DVD’s its, but i wanted to know how to instal sap
    i try a lot but am not able to get setoff file in this DVD

    can to pls help me how to instal this

  14. HI..

    I have few question about installing SAP IDES 4.7 on windows 2003 server in stand alone system.

    1. I have installed Oracle and Central instance on Administrator log on, Whether the database instance should be installed on the Administrator or ?
    2. I am getting two errors
    i. Unable to get value for environment variable SAPSYSTEMNAME and
    ii. Unable to get value for environment variable HOME.

    Please help me if you can.

    Venkatesh. R

  15. hi, could u plz tell me how to install license key on IDES 4.7 sr.. i have installed the SAP system but am left with only 30 days evaluation.. i have key gens but still dunno how to use it.. plz help

  16. @Vinay : hi vinay, do you have zapgui – generator license , just input your active hardware key as customer key, installation number, SID your system, and notice periode (99991231), you can got those information from tcode slicense…

    but, i get trick before you install sap with 30 days evaluation, set your system date on future (e.g data : 2030), and after install you have to back your system date into your current date you work.

  17. @venkatesh :
    hi ven,
    i try to answer
    1. when install ORacle, SAP Instance user Operating System user, in this case Administrator but Database instance use adm user that has been created when install SAP Instance, so after install Oracle & SAP Instance, log off your system and just login user adm and install DB Instance

    on thing and it’s important, make sure adm not member ORA_DBA (Group cannot start up Oracle Services) and Oracle Service is UP.

    ok, if there is query about questions let me to know.

    if system cannot fetch variable SAPSYSTEMNAME and HOME, have you register those env. variable on user variable (unix : user session) ??
    just register those varible in environment variable ….


  18. Hi, how to register SAPSYSTEMNAME and HOME on user variable? Thx!

    Also, if my SAP system ID=C11, my user adm login=C11adm, right?

    • right? you have to logout from administrator after install SAP Instance (no databse intance)

      use c11adm to login and start install Database Instance..

      on windows you can set variable : My Computer–>Properties–>advanced–>Environment Variable, you can click New to add user variable


  19. Hi,

    You mean I need to use adm account to log-in, right?

    BTW what value for SAPSYSTEMNAME and HOME?


  20. this is a good work you are doing here,pls keep it up
    pls i need u to send me the sap dvd installation suites.
    i have been reading the materials alone but not having the hands on experience, because i dont have d sap software.
    i hereby will be grateful if u can send me the installation suite.

    also ,how can i get d 30day evaluation?
    u can reach me via my mail add.
    thank you

    • about installation guide, you can download at (free), many trick that you can throw 30 days evaluation, before install SAP you have to set data of system to be 31 december 2030 (for example), and use this system date to install SAP
      after finished install, back your system date to current date (now)

      and you can check slicense (tcode), you got your SAP server valid until 2030 . cheers


  21. how can i get access to the sap market place, as it requires a username and password.
    thank you

  22. I’m newbie in sap, I have cd (not DVD) SAP R3 GUI Frontend ver 4.6C, is it enough to start the SAP R3 software on my PC ( free space 280 GB, @ Gb Memory)?

    Once I have installed SAP B1 and SQL 2005 (30 days trial) on my PC previously, but know, I dont know how to install the SAP R3? bisa minta tolongin saya mas cara install nya, apa bisa bila database softwarenya MS SQL 2005, Terima kasih banyak…sekali

    • untuk MS. SQL 2005 bisa kok karena sudah mendukung untuk instalasi SAP, kalo sudah terintall business one sebelumnya, berarti kalo mau install R/3 SAP berari install baru dong… untuk system ID yang baru… tetapi kalau untuk Database untuk R/3 di windows memang tidak full seperti install MS. SQL, hanya meminjam engine dari MS. SQL 2005

      tetapi untuk install dengan MS. SQL 2005 SAP support kok.. kalo yang di maksd SAP R3 GUI Front end itu maksdtnya SAP GUI kaleee bukan Sourcess untuk R/3 SAP

  23. Hi elinkuswoyo

    I am also trying to install SAP IDES 4.7 on Windows 2003 Server. Have been facing the problem when installing database instance.

    I understand the problem identified here. My question is what are the values that the following two variables be set to.

    HOME =????

  24. Hehehe, nah itu maksudnya mas, waktu coba2 install SAP B1 hanya 3 kali install, yaitu file yg di folder Client, Server Tools, Server itu saja, nah kalo mau install SAP R3 itu file nya apa aja selain front end dan sql 2005 tadi? agak membingungkan karena banyak banget versi/nama SAP itu hehehe, mohon pencerahan step2 nya mas, monggo…makasih

  25. SAP R/3 IDES itu yang diinstall oraclenya dulu (tanpa database) lalu SAP R/3 IDES, kalo yang IDES udah disiapin data contohnya btw IDES itu buat latihan2 gitu…trus baru install SAP GUInya ato browse lewat WEB kalo udah ada SAP Netweavernya(middlewarenya SAP)..

    • different OS is pretty different installation step.

      jadi gini , mas bim kalo mas mau install di OS windows server 2003, berarti mas harus install Oracle dulu –> kemudian SAP Instance –> terakhir Database Instance
      kalo install di UNIX/linux, mas harus install SAP Instance –> ditengah/during installation SAP Instance, mas install Oracle –> terakhir install Database Instance

      IDES ya untu latihan2(bukan SAP kosongan)…

      SAP GUi pasti dong di install untuk login ke SAP Apps, bisa lewat WEB (ITS – Internet Transaction Services), coba cek dengan tcode SICF untuk path /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/ apakah ada / up..

      untuk ITS yang aku tahu basenya SAP Netweaver (mySAP ERP, Business Suite,etc), tapi untuk R/3 Enterpris (Web AS 6.20) belum dapat


  26. Hi Friends,

    Need Help!

    I am looking for SAP R/3 4.7 of CD to install to practise. Does any body have it and willing to give a copy OR can install for me…………please let me know.

    Many thanks in advance.


  27. Hi,

    If you send me SAP CDs and installation instructions for my laptop, what will you charge me?


  28. Sir,

    I want to install SAP R/3,4.7 version in my Laptop. please help me to get install.

    chanchal ghosh

    • hi chancal,

      all document installation provided in marketplace, if you want make your laptop as stand alone server,

      you have to install JAVA, Microsoft loopback, and just follow installation in document..

      i can’t give you documentation , because i forget to documented it.

      if you want to ask, let me to know. what your concern.


  29. Hi,

    I’ve Installed, Oracle and SAP Central Instance.
    Then, i’ve a script error during install “database instance”.
    It’s IDES 4.71 in 3 DVD.

    Error Detail : FC0-00011 The step tablespaces_getBasicDatafileInfo with step key SAPSYSTEM…

    Do you have an idea to solve the problem?


    • is your database instance is up ??, you can check that
      make sure you have enough space on your HD installed SAPDATA (Oracle)

      what is your OS ??

      • Yes, SAP Ides is installed, some file was incorrect, perhaps because of the size of the ISO i’ve created.

        I’ve installed Central & DB instance on a virtual Windows XP under Microsoft Virtual PC.

        ThanksdĀµ you for your reply.

  30. Yasar Emre Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Can you tell me, how can i start DB instance on c11adm after having
    installed Central Instance?

    i set
    HOME = ? What shoul i type for Home i have no idea …

    Please Give me a hint!

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards


  31. Emre Kurnaz Says:

    Hi Elinkuswoyo

    Can you tell me how can I start DB instance on C11ADM after I installed Central instance?

    I set
    HOME = ? what should i type .

    Could you give me a hint.

    Thanks in advance.


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