GuiXT SAP GUI (simple cosmetics)

sometimes, we are bore when login in SAP, we always blue screen, simple text, there are no image or anything which can improve preference, but.. you can kill all this!!!!

just activate additional tool on SAP GUI called GuiXT, when you call this tool, everything you login to SAP, there is one windows always active at background ( Synactive)



Here you modify screen on login, not only when you login but you can after you login, you can change title of report,etc

there is additional code you have to add to GuiXT,dont’t ever shutdown synactive if you don’t want to lose your image or anything you modify on screen.

you can image with your photos or anything you like.

you just activate before you use this feature.



and this code yo elogon.txt

Box (1,0.1) (8,64) “Welcome my stuff”
Image (1,36) (4.8,28) “sas.jpg”




5 Responses to “GuiXT SAP GUI (simple cosmetics)”

  1. kadalbuntunk Says:

    ngomong opo si koe le.. gak mudeng aku..

  2. chiii… would you please change the picture!!!!

    Change with my Photo,wkwkwkwkw….

    Pasti bakalan banyak yg berpindah ke SAP,ngahahaha…

  3. Check out

    Lots of addtional information and customer testimonials

  4. ya Joe, i found this stuff from a little, thanks for your information

  5. I just hope GuiXT customer service is better than they way they treat prospective employees. I have never had a more disrespectful and rude send off after three weeks and three interviews. I mean come on….can’t you answer a simple email or return a phone call? They don’t even answer their phone from the main line half the time. I don’t care how great their product is if they can’t treat prospective employees with a modicum of dignity…..!

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