Ghochi Elin Kuswoyo. I was graduated from one of the best university in Indonesia, STTTelkom, IT Telkom. One thing, i don’t know is how to avoid these feeling to move on all every sight before my view.

aerh, i have to runawy from this, whatever . grow up, learning, and try to look for the best of my job partial. share mine to all, with sap,sas. I know, i am human that want to get the best of my choice.

take that risk, if you want to get high position, don’t ever forget with everyone whom support you..


8 Responses to “Author”

  1. ehm…ehm…suit..suittt

  2. halo salam kenal,
    benar sekali mba,
    stttelkom lagi ada pelatihan SAP…

    btw, jadi tentor kah dikaw?

  3. wah .. kagak lah .. salam kenal balik …

  4. Himitsu Kanojo Says:

    ur japanese name same with me
    “Harukichi Ebina”
    cz my origin name means Haru from japanese language

  5. kadalbuntunk Says:

    salam hangat..

  6. salam kenal….

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