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SAP IDES R/3 4.7 Installation Run Windows Xp

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Abasicly, all variant SAP (4.6C, ECC,etc) only run on server version of Windows , but i think is only to catch up about stability, durability of server ( Production and QAS Server) and actually many consultants follow the rule of SAP ( hehehe .. it’s OK)..

Many times, SAP Machines installed on UNIX platform, Server Windows platform, yahh.. if all landscape implemented in corporate, it must be exist!!, but if you all want to install in as is your infrastructure ( PC or laptop) , absolutely you can do it!!! you can install it

but.. wait!! it’s not MiniSAP( SAP Netweaver 7.0), it’s real application server which run in many company installed and you move them to your PC/laptop ( .. in this case, we try to not obey rule of SAP –

one prerequisities before installing SAP especially on laptop/your PC at home, you have to provide at least 120 GB space in your hard disk ( if you want to install IDES), minimum on your laptop/PC at home installed 2 GB of RAM ( it’s cheap lah…. ) and if you only have license windows xp professional ( you lucky.. it’s OK – Never Mind Guys).

if your laptop/PC at home only has space hardisk less than 120 GB ( free ), you can but external harddisk instead of this.

Usually, when we installed SAP, we create/install SAP Instance, Database Instance, and Oracle itself , but probably problem came up when installed Database Instance( remember, don’t think same like install oracle DBMS, it’s different guys).

Database Instance cannot up, database instance crash,etc, but since i installed it, it’s smoothly, but sometimes i faced sapinst cannot created tablespaces..( erghhhh.. i spent my time overnight to solve this).

OK guys, finally my IDES has been installed on my laptop properly ( SAP license,… hehehe it’s problem again, where did i get this?!!!! )..

let’s remember again, sequential process when install in windows environment :

first –> install your Oracle 920 DBMS, but it’s different way with you install Oracle in standalone mode (Don’t forget to patch it )

secondly —> SAP Instance, it’s installed all application server to your laptop, this steps only less than 30 minutes ( so fast if your laptop is Good Performance)

last —> Database Instance, it’s creating tablespaces (datafiles ) on Oracle, it’s very critical ( if everything is OK, you can spent time about lerr or more than 6 hours . hehehe )

SAP MMC at Xp Profesional

SAP MMC at Xp Profesional

And…i think it’s easy to installed SAP on UNIX environment. hehehe.. because we don’t have to log off, and etc lah….

my left, here SAP MMC to control ( startup, shutdown, and monitoring SAP )

after you start your SAP, you can close this MMC session.

But, don’t forget, before you start your SAP with MMC, you have to start up your Database Instance/ Oracle first, if it haven’t done, you can start up your SAP.

Oracle Services

Oracle Services

you can start up your database instance,use this tools ( Windows tools), you just click on service name and start them.

Group User

Group User

don’t forget Windows User who can start up Oracle is member of ORA_<SID>_DBA and ORA_<SID>_OPER, SAP_<SID>_GlobalAdmin, SAP_<SID>_LocalAdmin and do not assign to ORA_DBA Group ( because this group cannot start up Oracle)

And you can log on to your SAP Application Server.



have a nice use SAP..

Hardware Specification :

windows version

windows version

Processor Intel Centrino Core Duo 1.73 GHz

Hard Disk 200 GB Free ( External Hard Disk, connected via USB Interface )

2.5 GB of RAM

Operarting System : Windows XP Professional

Nice to share information to you all.. Thank you